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We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
— Winston Churchill
Angellyca's passion for architecture started when she stared at pretty buildings for too long. At secondary school she enjoyed art, design and model making, which directed her towards architecture. 

She moved to the UK in December 2010 from Jakarta Indonesia without knowing any English. She studied Maths, engineering, 3D Design, Extended project qualification (EPQ) and AS Physics at A-level. Her EPQ project is a dissertation about Kinetic Architecture combining her main interests of architecture and engineering. During her A-levels, Angellyca worked part-time as a maths and science tutor, which helped her to gain confidence in talking with different people. Before starting at Apt, Angellyca had two work experience placements, the first at a small architectural practice in Reigate and the second at a large engineering company, both of which showed the value of degree apprenticeships and sowed the seeds for her future path. 

In her spare time Angellyca likes to read and go to the cinema with her friends. She is a big fan of Formula 1 and enjoys watching the races with her dad at the weekends.