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Architecture must strive to be both contextually aware and challenge convention”

A graduate from the University of Dundee, Callum is a highly skilled and passionate young designer who brings a rigorous design ethic to each project he works on.

His interest in the relationship between people and place, between city and architecture, is complemented by a Part 1 experience spent in a small German studio heavily invested in the practise of reuse and sustainable design. Working in both Munich and Berlin, Callum gained invaluable experience through the delivery of bespoke projects and ambitious competitions, each deriving from an astute awareness of place.

Since joining Apt in 2019, Callum has worked on a diverse range of projects spanning from the initial design stage to the realisation of an architectural idea. In particular, The Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour has provided a fantastic opportunity to bolster his meticulous detail design skill and gain on site experience.

Outside the studio, Callum enjoys exploring new cities and cultures, trying new cuisines and finding quirky places that are off the beaten track. Growing up in Scotland, he has a love of the mountains and the outdoors.