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Architecture is the opportunity to integrate public spaces into every aspect of the city, enhancing communities and bringing the City to life.”
Dina’s interest in the public realm and how to integrate it within the built environment has been the main catalyst for most of the projects she undertook during her studies.  

After completing her Bachelors, Dina worked in Beijing for 2 years where she was a part of many international projects that focus on cultural and civic programs. During this time she focused her research into the threshold separating the public and private within the city scape, which she was able to later on continue at the Architectural Association where she graduated in 2019.

Keen to continue her academic development, she often returns as a guest Juror at the Architectural Association. She have also been involved in city wide initiatives that introduce young children to the world of architecture through a series of workshops. 

Dina is also a part of a research initiative that is currently studying the development of the city, the expansion of its boundary and the intersections created through the design process, with a group of young architects who hope to publish their research and findings in the next year.

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