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Architecture is the art of how to waste space.”
— Philip Johnson
Farah has recently completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Reading, where she was involved in the construction of a 1:1 structure designed by the architect Piers Taylor. Working on her first real life project confirmed her passion for Architecture and has inspired her to proceed her journey to becoming a qualified architect.

Since joining Apt, Farah has been involved in the project ‘2 Trafalgar Way’; a large student accommodation scheme in London. She has also joined the model shop club, where she has been collaborating with other team members by working towards re-designing the model shop within the Apt Studio. 

Having lived in Egypt and gone to a German school, Farah has managed to advance her German, Arabic as well as her English. This has encouraged her to take on a fourth language and learn Italian in her free time. She also enjoys outdoor activities particularly water-skiing, hiking and Tennis. 

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