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To design is to feel, to choose, and to understand.”

Frank is an Associate at Apt. He developed an interest in and was influenced by architecture through his mother, who was a developer of mass housing projects. He obtained his degree from the University of Bath, where he learned the fundamentals and practical aspects of architecture, before continuing his studies at the AA School of Architecture, where he focused on architectural narratives and theories.

Frank has worked in the UK and overseas, including in large international offices like Benoy and smaller, close-knit firms such as Finkernagel Ross, where he obtained his architectural qualification. He has been involved in a wide range of projects, including Grand Prix race tracks in Johannesburg, an IKEA store in Ningbo, high-end private houses, office refurbishments, and food chain restaurants.

Since he joined Apt in 2021, Frank has led the team working on a private high-end office refurbishment project in Soho, a grade II listed house renovation and extension in Mayfair, and an outline masterplan mixed-use project in Cardiff.

In his free time, Frank paints charcoal, watercolour, and oil portraits of characters from the shows and films he enjoys watching.

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