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The opportunity to create a symbiotic relationship between architecture and its context is one to be embraced.”
Holly’s passion for art and architecture grew from her home city of Glasgow. Her fascination derives from the tension between the city's drumlins and its urban grid. This interest between nature and the ‘man-made’ manifested itself in her thesis, which explored the anthropogenic manipulation of Berlin’s River Spree by the city's inhabitants. She established strong ties during her time at the Mackintosh School of Architecture and has been invited back as a guest critic at Diploma Thesis reviews. 

Holly has worked in various practices in London, having the opportunity to work on diverse projects from concept to completion. She has experience across a wide range of sectors, from bespoke galleries to residential design, seizing all opportunities to broaden her understanding of architecture and its interaction with both the built and natural environment. 

Holly is part of the ‘Aptlab’ team within the studio, undertaking research and practical testing to expand the studio's use of sustainable and environmentally responsible materials within Apt's projects. 

Holly seems to be perpetually running for the train up to Glasgow on a Friday evening, but when she’s not in the studio or Scotland, you can find her running along the canal or at the throwing wheel.