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Since a young age, Lucy has had an interest in solving problems and became aware of her interest in architecture. During journeys to visit family in London by car or train, she would gaze out of the window, fascinated by the changing landscape of London.

This interest materialised itself into a self-led vocational course at school redeveloping the school for accreditation which in turn led to the beginning of her career in Architecture. Studying at Nottingham Trent, Lucy developed an early love for technical solutions, which flourished during her time at a large-scale commercial practice focused on innovative technical solutions.

Lucy is a Lead Architect and has gained experience in a variety of sectors including education, residential, commercial, urban, and refurbishment. She seeks out the best way to express a solution whether that be a sketch detail, 3d Revit or physical model. With a strong belief in 'Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle', she strives to action this in her approach to design. 

Outside of work you will find her in an exercise class or exploring the city and beyond, with a keenness for exercise, coffee and good food.  

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