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A good definition marks our starting point and lets us know where we want to end up.”
— bell hooks
Mich joined Apt in 2023 as an Architectural Assistant. He is a designer, writer, and Young Trustee of the Architecture Foundation. He believes that new, more open spatial practices are fundamental to social justice and climate action.

After growing up in Paris, Andalusia and the UK, Mich studied at the Bartlett, UCL, where he designed cultural and commercial infrastructure for London's Latin American diaspora. Since graduating, Mich has written for several publications, his contributions advocate for a counterculture to treating land and territory as a surface, instead proposing a regenerative relationship with soil based on understanding it as a volume charged with life and meaning.

After interning at Boston Consulting Group, Mich was appointed Young Trustee of the Architecture Foundation, a collective of architecture workers organising to actively champion emerging and underrepresented voices from within and beyond the built environment. Mich is looking to fuse his ambition for improving our cities with his experience with the Young Trustees and a recent foray into coding.

In his spare time you'll find Mich cycling through London on his 1992 Italian racing bike, called Mercurio.
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