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Hailing from the heart of England (aka Birmingham!), Pavandeep’s architectural journey led him up to the University of Manchester and down to the Architectural Association in London.

He joined Apt in 2018 and enjoys the rampant creativity amidst layers of yellow trace and zealous debates. Having previously spent the best part of a decade with Adjaye Associates, culminating in leading high profile and quirky projects including the Spyscape Museum of Espionage in New York City. He has worked across a wide range of typologies including galleries, retail and mixed-use in diverse locations from Beirut to Shanghai.

He’s curious. Likes words and enjoys drawing with them. He 'CouchSurfed’ his way across Brazil having started the journey with Architecture Sans Frontiers. He can vouch that the engine block of a 1969 Triumph is much easier to take apart than put back together.