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Success relies on finding the right balance between reliability, collaboration, dedication and optimism.”
Raquel´s passion for Design and Science started during her childhood whilst being outside in nature. This influenced her interest in sustainability to understand the environmental and social impacts of architecture. 

Raquel has worked in Spain and London where she has been responsible for looking after a wide range of projects including competitions, masterplans, offices and high-end residential buildings. This enabled her to develop her technical skills and to learn how essential it is to follow a strong independent work ethic and teamwork.

At Apt, Raquel is involved on a wide range of projects in different regions of the UK. She is also part of Aptlab, a new department with a mission to discover innovative and sustainable materials which could improve the way we create architecture.

Whenever she has the opportunity, she loves to discover new places and to face new challenges. Photography, hiking and yoga keep her active and energetic.
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