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Architecture is exposed to life. If its body is sensitive enough, it can assume a quality that bears witness to past life”

Painting and combining colours since she was a child, Valentina was always an artist before becoming an architect. She studied and fell in love with architecture in Ferrara, the so-called "metaphysic city" where red brick buildings are often covered in a thick fog.

Creative and rational at the same time, she loved learning both design and scientific subjects. Following two destructive earthquakes, she was involved in the survey and restoration of the listed buildings of the city.

Valentina has travelled since a very young age with her family and friends, where she developed a deep curiosity for other cultures. She believes that other approaches to life have an inevitable impact on the approach to architecture.

Throughout her career, Valentina worked for several practices in Italy and gained experience in residential and office buildings, museums, restorations and refurbishments. She joined Apt in early 2018 and has been involved in numerous projects, including Fulham Gasworks and 400 Longwater Avenue in Reading.