Huguet X Apt

Apt joined forces with Spanish tile manufacturer Huguet, to craft experimental terrazzo created using common construction waste materials such as metal, timber and brick. Unveiled at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019, the collaboration produced 3 types of terrazzo; each complimented by a soft palette of colours which enhance the materials set within.
Apt X Huguet Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 Experimental Terrazzo
Whether from a refurbishment, demolition and rebuild, or a brand-new building, there is inevitably waste generated, and we really liked the idea of looking at inventive and creative ways of using those materials.”
Each piece is truly unique; waste materials are fossilised within the polished terrazzo; a piece of London's history re-invented, and instead of being sent to landfill the construction fragments now take their place in a new guise to delight those who see and use them. 
Huguet x Apt - Experimental Terrazzo
Huguet x Apt - Experimental Terrazzo
Huguet x Apt - Experimental Terrazzo
Apt and Huguet will continue to explore ways in which these materials can be used and reintroduced back into a building, whether that be in the form of a reception desk, a floor finish, bathroom or kitchen top, or even bespoke furniture pieces, the potential is really exciting.