Informal gathering spaces in the Workplace - A new approach

Since returning from the Christmas holidays, we have dedicated the month of January to researching innovative methods to break up informal gathering spaces within one of our workplace projects.
Aptlab Material Research Dukta
The challenge was to avoid completely subdividing the space, whilst creating appropriate acoustic separation for small informal gatherings to take place. Therefore, we decided to focus our research on finding a material that had both sound absorbing properties and a level of visual transparency. 
Aptlab sustainable material research - Dukta
We stumbled upon Dukta, which is a material that stands out for both its unique manufacturing process and versatility of applications. This flexible wood is created using a unique and patented incision process, resulting in a woven and geometric aesthetic
Aptlab sustainable material research - Dukta

We were captivated by the flexible quality of the material which allowed for a variety of dynamic views through the space that could be adapted and changed to suit a changing workspace. This, coupled with the sound absorption qualities brings so much visual intrigue, creating dynamic qualitative spaces.

As we move into the new year, we start to ponder what innovative materials will become everyday applications in our buildings, and how we can begin to incorporate these exciting materials into our projects, in order to create unique spaces for their inhabitants. 

More information can be found at Dukta.

Aptlab sustainable material research - Dukta
To see is to think, and to think is to see”

— Richard Serra