Visual transparency in open plan office spaces

To see and not to be seen is one of the challenges we face when designing meeting rooms. 
Aptlab material research & innovation - Casper Designtex
Visual transparency and the concept of open plan has been the popular trend in office spaces. The ability of seeing through physical barriers maximises the space and reduces the sense of claustrophobia which are key factors to improve efficiency in the workplace.

Despite the spatial and social advantages, the glass offers, there is a considerable issue when trying to achieve privacy inside a meeting with glass walls. 
Aptlab material research & innovation - Casper Designtex
This is where Casper Cloaking Technology becomes useful. Can you imagine a system that blocks what is on an LED display only to people who are outside the meeting room, whilst everyone inside the room can still clearly see what is on the LED display? It sounds like magic but is as simple as combining two films, one on the LED display and the second one on the glass wall. The technology consists of filtering the light oscillations coming from the LED display.
Aptlab material research & innovation - Casper Designtex
Whilst blinds, curtains, smart glass, and textured glass certainly have their place, the discovery of this innovative technology could certainly provide a more sustainable and minimalistic option.
You can find out more about this material here. 

Link to suppliers website: https:https://www.caspercloaking.eu/
Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

— Joe Saparano