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Our minds and bodies are always engaging in active and interactive, conscious and unconscious processing of our internal and external environments.”
— Sarah Goldhagen
Anastasia joined Apt in 2021 as a Part II Architectural Assistant and has since completed her studies and qualified as an Architect. Anastasia’s education ranges across different universities and cities. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh with one year Erasmus exchange at the Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid, where she was able to build on variety of design approaches and cultural backgrounds.

For her master’s she returned to London and attended the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. There she had an opportunity to explore areas that are of particular importance to her – psychology and mental health. These interests manifested themselves in a thesis project that explored the relationship between ascetic built environments and mental wellbeing.

Whilst at Apt, Anastasia has overseen the construction of the North Entrance retail unit at the Design Centre in Chelsea, one of the world's leading interior design centres, she has also helped the team deliver detailed design on 2 Trafalgar Way, a large Passivhaus student accommodation project in London. 

When she isn’t working, Anastasia enjoys outdoors sports, in particular, being overly competitive at tennis, badminton and skiing, balanced out by long calming walks in the park and tranquil sailing trips.