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Designing space is an emotive process. Great architecture compliments our fondest memories.”
Haeseung has always been curious by nature, enjoying that anticipation of discovering unexpected places beyond closed doors. Spending most of his youth between Cambridge and Seoul he grew a healthy appreciation for historic and modern buildings. However, his serious interest in architecture began after watching a documentary on modern Japanese houses. The houses captured the essence of architecture’s role in transforming shelter to something personal, a home.

After graduating from the Bartlett, UCL, Haeseung worked in various London practices, amassing a wide range of experience from a champagne bar to a residential tower. He believes sustainable architecture is an opportunity to design intelligently and promote local vernacular. 

On weekends you’ll find Haeseung cycling to new places or at museums daydreaming in front of dioramas. He maintains his design curiosity dabbling with new technologies that find their use in personal projects. He hopes one day to own a lighthouse where he can enjoy the comfort of the sea breeze and take in the changing expanse of the sky and sea.