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Architecture is inhabited sculpture.”
— Constantin Brancusi
Irina’s interest in architecture started way before she really knew what it was. Spending her summer holidays with her grandparents and with nothing else to do, she was building both houses and spy equipment out of paper and cardboard. When asked at school what she wanted to become when she would grow older, she always said she wanted to become an architect, so she stuck by it. 

She moved to London after completing her undergraduate degree at the Manchester School of Architecture, where she delved into different sides of architecture - from small to large, rational to unrealistic, and functional to conceptual. For her final project, she explored the similarities between the fabric of the Universe and the structure of the human brain and then used these notions for a concept mixed-use high-rise in Manchester. She then joined the 2 Trafalgar Way team at Apt as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant and is currently enjoying working on a real project. 

Outside of work, Irina is a passionate photographer, a decent cook, and a travel enthusiast. She’s a recent but spirited fan of Formula 1, and a complete spinning addict.