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Drawing that first line on a page is always a new adventure.”
Sketchbooks are a prominent feature of James’ work method. Starting early in his school years he was always known for having drawings on the go. This is something James is proud to have developed into his professional work.

James completed his undergraduate degree at Portsmouth in 2019 where he experimented with a range of architectural languages. His designs ranged from modernising brutalism to futuristic urban solutions. His summers were spent on a building site in his hometown learning the practical steps required to implement a design on site.

After University James spent 12 months working at London based practice, Doone Silver Kerr. Here he worked on a range of projects for private houses, as well as larger housing masterplans. In October 2020 James joined Apt and has since been working on a feasibility study for a site in Charing Cross.

Outside of work James enjoys travel, and in 2020 enjoyed the UK’s more local tourist gems. He is also a passionate cook, always looking for an exciting new recipe. 

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