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Senior Architect

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Architecture can't force people to connect, it can only plan the crossing points, remove barriers, and make the meeting places useful and attractive.”
— Denise Scott Brown
For Minerva, architecture is a lens through which she sees life. She realised early during her architectural studies, the cultural and professional limits of her hometown. At 22 years old, she spent a summer studying English in London, and between classes discovered a different approach to architecture, that was not only about preserving the memory, but also integrating the heritage into the living city.

After graduating, she worked in Spain on bespoke hospitality fit outs and family homes. During that time, she developed her architectural photography skills as well as completing a Master's degree in Architectural Conservation.

During her Master’s she undertook extensive research for the Old State Prison Masterplan, which saw her being published, working with the local community and giving lectures and interviews on the importance of a social and sustainable approach to Conservation.

Minerva is a Senior Architect at Apt. Before she joined in 2022, she worked delivering the hospitality areas of the new Tottenham Stadium and securing planning for over 700 residential units next to a Conservation Area. She also completed her Part III at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and developed her technical knowledge on high performance buildings.

Out of the office she can be found, camera in hand, exploring London’s canals and hidden gardens. She is a fan of the West End and spending time exploring London's many galleries.