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Architecture encourages people to think. It inspires the way you see the world.”
Tina grew up and lived in two very different cities. Hong Kong, a bustling metropolis, where skyscrapers climbed into the sky and Sydney, a city with an appreciation for nature.  The mix of these cultures broadened her interest of architecture and the growth of cities.

Tina is continually inspired by her travels and exploring new places. All of which influence her perspective of art and design. After graduating from the University of Sydney, she worked at various practices across Asia, Europe and Australia and has been fortunate to work on a wide range of projects varying in scale and complexity. 

She spent several years at a multi-disciplinary company on masterplans and large-scale residential towers. Tina joined Apt in early 2018 following her time at Hopkins, where she worked on civic and cultural projects based in the Middle East.

At Apt, Tina has primarily worked on The Earnshaw, a 260,000 sq.ft. office-led scheme in central London. She is also an integral part of the BIM management team helping implement best practices and skills.