An alternative to classic terrazzo

The terrazzo trend is back, and we are specifying across different project typologies for use in floors, walls, fittings, and furniture. 
Aptlab researches alternatives to classic terrazzo
Foresso consists of small pieces of marble, granite or other suitable materials, poured with a cementitious binder. It could be installed in the format of tiles or poured to achieve a continuous finish.  Some of our clients loved the idea of the terrazzo but were not sure they wanted to sacrifice the warmth and natural feeling of wood. This encouraged us to do some research about alternative options for classic terrazzo.
Aptlab researches alternatives to classic terrazzo
It is a timber terrazzo that uses waste materials such as planting waste and wood dust, timber off-cuts and leftovers. The binder is a bio-based resin that is in ongoing development to be replaced with an alternative made from waste stream materials.
We borrow from nature the space upon which we build.”

— Tadao Ando

Aptlab researches alternatives to classic terrazzo

It is a very eye-catching product. White and ivory with chips going from pale yellows and pinks through to deep browns transmit calm and serenity. The wood grain is very visible and adds richness and personality to the finish. There are two other colours for the composite binder, blue and black that could create stunning interiors.

Currently, this finish is a 6mm layer on a 18mm birch plywood and it is available in planks and tiles format. This allows a quick and clean installation on site.

Aptlab researches alternatives to classic terrazzo
In Aptlab we support the ethic of being Waste Negative and reducing carbon emissions. We love the philosophy behind this timber terrazzo.

To find out more about this material link through here. Link to suppliers website: https://foresso.co.uk/