Creating sensory markers in residential communal settings

Communal residential areas must strike a balance of feeling welcoming and warm, whilst not being too individualistic or polarising.
Aptlab sustainable material research
As a studio we have recently enjoyed working on several new interior residential projects which has given Aptlab the opportunity to explore finishes that fulfil our design intents and have environmental integrity.

We have found within many of our residential projects, that there must be a careful balance struck within the communal areas. These spaces must feel welcoming and warm, whilst not being too individualistic or polarising. Working with materials that bring both warmth and tactility, that work on a variety of scales, helps strike this balance.
Aptlab sustainable material research - Organoid
We started to think about what are the most common markers that signify arriving ‘home’.  The colour of your front door, the light in your hallway, and perhaps a unique smell each home seems to have. This led us to explore how to translate these sensory markers into a communal setting and look at materials that were intriguing to multiple senses. 
An idea is salvation by imagination.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright

Aptlab Sustainable material research - Organoid
Organoid is a material which tests visual, touch and scent senses together. This material consisted of natural materials mixed together with an ecological binder which is pressed to create a thin board which is emission free and biodegradable. Unlimited variations can be achieved using different mixes of natural materials, creating a unique look and scent for each project.
Aptlab sustainable material research - Organoid
We are looking forward to testing this material in a couple of our projects and creating unique and welcoming spaces for their users. 

Link to suppliers website: https://www.organoids.com/en/