Improving building performance through material innovation

Over the past few months Aptlab has been on the hunt for materials that work harder than their more common counter parts. This comes from our responsibility as architects and designers to reduce our overall contribution to climate change and our ethos as a practice to deliver our client’s buildings that perform better and have greater longevity.
Aptlab material research and innovation - Finsa
Following an influx of new interiors projects into the practice, we have been looking at materials to use for joinery packages, especially in the commercial and student housing sectors.
Aptlab material research & innovation
One that has caught our eye has been Fibracolour by Finsa for its vast potential and variety.  This unique through coloured wood fibre board is made with a low concentration of formaldehyde and takes its colour from water-based non-toxic pigments. 
Aptlab material research & innovation
Whilst the possibility to apply a natural veneer is possible, the vibrancy of the through colour and hard-wearing nature of the surface allows this material to stand up on its own merits as a finish and structural joinery element. It also allows us as designers to omit a veneer from our specification, saving both the client the cost of the additional finish and satisfaction from a designer’s perspective of using a material with integrity.

Link to suppliers website: https://www.finsa.com/
Aptlab material research & innovation
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

Aptlab material research & innovation