The changing face of Student Accommodation

We have been witnessing a growing trend in which the ‘blurring of boundaries’ between the spaces in which we work, live, collaborate and socialise grows. This is having a direct impact upon the perception and expectation of how student accommodation should be designed; from the look and feel, through to greener material choices and the flexibility of spaces, within a more complex mixed-use typology.
Apt - The Changing face of Student Accommodation

Parkside Infinity, Coventry

Drawing from our extensive experience of designing high-quality student accommodation to suit a variety of different price points and budgets, Stephane Piazza presented his thoughts on the changing face of student accommodation at the 2021 Higher Education Estates Forum in Warwick. 

You can link through to his presentation here. If you have any questions or enquiries related to this presentation, or designing student accommodation, you can contact Stephane directly and he would be happy to discuss further with you. 
The changing face of student accommodation

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The changing face of student accommodation

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