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Total agreement is the death of conversation.”
A keen artist from a young age, Robert has always felt most at ease when being creative. His route to architecture therefore took the rather traditional path of bridging the gap being art and science. However, over the years his passion for architecture has developed and matured into one with people at its heart; being part of a team responsible for enriching the lives of communities and society.

Robert’s experience to date has been wide ranging and varied, studying at Cardiff and Oxford Brookes University, and working in New York, Oxford and London. These experiences have helped him to form a balanced understanding of buildings at multiples scales, stages and styles.

Robert originally join Apt in 2016, returning in 2018 upon completing his masters. His experience at Apt has been primarily defined by Castlewood House which he has had the fortune to work on from planning all the way through tender.

Outside of Apt he is a keen runner and baker; well known in the studio for his infamous banana bread.
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